We will furnish your organization with a comprehensive marketing guide. It specifically describes detailed strategies and proven methods for promoting and preparing for your auction, ensuring your success. Arin Ross will provide at no charge, all of the promotional materials necessary to attract your desired audience, including custom invitations and envelopes, posters, flyers and press releases. Your consultant will also offer many additional components that can generate fun and excitement while providing unlimited revenues beyond the ticket sales and commissions. These options include...

  • Wine Tasting
  • Taste of the Town (donation of specialties by local restaurants)
  • Guest Musicians
  • Honorary Chairperson
  • Ad Journal
  • Art with a Heart (collective class art projects)
  • Goods and Service Items (donated by your supporters)
  • Silent Auction
  • Gift and Basket Raffles

The experts at Arin Ross Auctions will assist you and your team to manage the entire flow of your auction, guiding you through every phase of the event !

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Benfield- Graceful
Borelli- Il Grand Canal
Chagall- Les Roses
Ilyayev- She will be Loved
Ben Simhon- Autumn
Dali- Exploding Clock
Delacroix- Le Remorguer
Kinkade- Almost Heaven
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