Through successful fundraising auctions, Arin Ross Auctions has helped thousands of organizations raise millions of dollars for worthwhile causes. An Arin Ross Auction will be an extremely profitable and enjoyable event enabling your organization to generate revenues through many sources. 

  •  Commission will be paid on ALL auction sales. 
  •  Your organization will receive 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales. 
  •  Your organization will receive 100% of the proceeds from patron donations and ad sales. We will print an ad journal for your event free of charge. 
  •  Arin Ross Auctions will donate a framed work of art to be used as a raffle prize. Your organization will receive 100% of the proceeds from raffle sales. 
  •  Arin Ross Auctions will auction a limited number of goods and service items provided by your organization, with 100% of the proceeds retained by your organization. 

Arin Ross Auctions is so confident of your success that we will guarantee you a minimum of $1000.00 with 100 guests in attendance; $1500.00 with 150 guests and $2000.00 with 200 guests, or your commission whichever is greater!

MOST importantly, your organization receives its entire commission immediately following the auction; there is no waiting. Profits to your organization from an Arin Ross Auction can range from $5,000.00 to $75,000.00. 

Your commissions DO NOT STOP at the close of the auction. Arin Ross Auctions will pay commission on all artwork sold at anytime after the auction, whether they make purchases at our facility, over the phone or through our web partnership with your organization. 

There is no financial risk or fee to you or your organization. Arin Ross profits only if your event is successful, and our interests are identical to yours. Your organization will provide the location for the auction, a handful of volunteers, arrange for the refreshments and sell tickets for the event. We do the rest!!!

Arin Ross Auctions will guarantee your success in writing. We will ensure the financial success of the event with a substantial revenue guarantee based upon auction sales or an attendance guarantee, whichever is greater. This is our commitment to your organization. We have a refined, reliable and proven method to raise funds for you. Please speak with your auction consultant, and he/she will detail all of the options that are available. 

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Frejo- Road to Infinity
Harvey- Taking a Soakin'
Agam- Star of Hope
Mattini- Arabesque
Lui- Flowering Path
Ebgi- Sunset in Jerusalem
Max- Liberty Head
George- Evergreen 15
Llewelyn- In the Meadow
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