Memorabilia- Palmer and Gleason
Levi- Rhapsody in Blue
Orlando- Moments with You
Boulanger- Premieres Compagnons
Behrens- Splendor of Italy
Shvaiko- Light in the Passageway
Pollera- Old Rocker
Van Gogh- Irises

An Arin Ross auction will be an enjoyable, well-coordinated and profitable event for your organization. The event will begin with a one-hour preview where your guests will view an impressive variety of artwork, sports memorabilia and collectables. We recommend that you serve some form of refreshments; wine and cheese, coffee and cake, hot or cold hors d'oeuvres, complimentary beverages and/or a cash bar. The preview hour will be a time for browsing and socializing. Our skilled auctioneer will be available to discuss the displayed works, and answer any questions that you or your guests may have. 

Immediately following the preview, we begin the live auction, which generally runs from two to two and one half hours. Our own professional, entertaining and experienced auctioneers are trained to provide a fun-filled and informative auction in a relaxed atmosphere. Arin Ross Auctions conducts a spirited and pressure-free auction, which will include 150-175 lots. Each item will be presented and offered for sale during the live auction at a pre-determined minimum bid and will be sold to the highest bidder. We understand that your guests are not experienced bidders, and many of them will be attending an auction for the first time. The auctioneer will engage the crowd, entertain them and ensure that everyone has a wonderful time. Our job is to gently compel your guests to support your organization, by providing wonderful quality custom framed artwork and memorabilia in exchange for their donations. 

Display managers accompany each of our own customized carriers to every auction. They will creatively display the works of art and collectibles prior to the auction, coordinate the flow during the auction, and distribute sold pieces of art at the conclusion of the auction. They, along with the auctioneer, will ensure a seamless presentation and will make sure that you and your guests have a wonderful experience. 
Arin Ross Auctions generates excitement and action by a unique blend of unparalleled value, presented by the most knowledgeable and experienced auctioneers in the fundraising industry. Our experience ensures a profitable, entertaining and enjoyable social event that your guests will look forward to year after year. The proof of our success is that the majority of our auctions are scheduled for the following year. They become annual events and the profits grow year after year. 

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