Adams- Clearing Winter Storm
BHehrens- Reflections of Lake Como
Brodinsky- Lakeside
Disney- Ariel
Fazzino- Go Big Blue
Harvey- Sweet Memories
Kinkade- Christmas Eve
Patchell Olson- Garden Path
Lui- Orchids & Native Heritage
Pino- Mother's Love
Raad- Eavesdroppers
Tarkay- Watercolor 6
Warhol-Sunday B. Morning
Zule- Two Couples
Getting Started with an Arin Ross Fundraising Auction


It is important to select the appropriate time of year to hold your fund-raising art auction. This decision would be based on your particular organization's social and fund-raising calendar and Arin Ross Auctions' availability. You may wish to consider the following: 

1. Other annual fund-raisers
2. School breaks even if your organization is not a school
3. National holidays
4. Major sporting events
5. Other events on your community calendar

The time of year you determine to hold your art auction is your decision. Our calendar runs year round. Your account representative can help you select the date up to a year and a half in advance. We will guide your organization to the best time of year suitable for your organization.

Both weeknights and weekends have been successful for art auctions. Evenings are recommended for functions scheduled on any other day than Sunday. Most organizations hold their art auctions on Thursday, Friday or Saturday evenings, so it is important to schedule your auction well in advance, as dates are limited. Sign an agreement to reserve your date on the Arin Ross Auctions calendar. 


The location for the art auction can greatly affect the success of the event. A distinguished, upscale site is best. Consider a centrally located hotel ballroom, conference center, country club, restaurant or banquet hall. Schools, churches, synagogues and social clubs often have their own facility, which may be suitable and may be available to other organizations at a reasonable fee. It is important to remember that the more attractive and appealing you make your event, the more enjoyable the evening will be! You will also attract a more sophisticated clientele to an upscale location. Your account representative is prepared to advise you on the facilities you are considering, and will have many suggestions on how to secure your facility at the best value. Often, a facility will donate the room to a non-profit organization. Do not be afraid to investigate a nicer location, as you retain 100% of all ticket sales, which should more than offset the cost of the facility. 


The room for the auction should accommodate seating for 150 adults arranged "theater style" with a center aisle and 25 banquet tables around the perimeter of the room to display artwork. This would typically be a room 40 feet by 60 feet. It is best to present the entire event in one room, as opposed to having the refreshments in one room and the display/auction in another.

Lighting is important to the success of the event. The artwork will be displayed around the perimeter of the room, flush to the wall. It is advisable to have a well-lit perimeter. All available lighting should be utilized during the preview hour. Many organizations will dim the audience lighting during the live auction, to make the presentation of the artwork more dramatic. Each work of art will be displayed on a central easel during the live auction. Arin Ross Auctions provides adequate lighting for the central easel.

Your organization must provide an adequate PA system and podium. This is also an important factor in the outcome of the event. There should be reasonable access to the room from the street or parking lot for the delivery of artwork. A street level facility is preferable, however not necessary if an elevator is available. Parking is also a consideration when selecting a location.

If you should have any questions regarding the viability of a potential location/room, please contact your auction consultant

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